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Fadhli Lukman(1*)
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.22515/ajpif.v13i2.262


History of the Quran has showed numbers of its translations into various languages, including Indonesian Language. Even the existence and the roles of translations in society are evidently needed, but its theoretical discourse within the field of Ulum Alquran is still ambiguous. This paper attempts to describe the theoretical debate in Quranic translation and examine it through the existed Quranic translation in Indonesia. The basic argument built is that the theory of tarjamah Alquran within Ulum Alquran has several theoretical problems: first, the categorization of harfiyyah and tafsiriyyah are not clearly operative; second, the terminology of tarjamah is implied to be meaningless; and third, there is no clear-cut concept of tarjamah dan tafsir. This problem rose from the stringency in the meaning of tarjamah and theological burden to emphasize ijiz of the Quran. Hereby, widening the meaning of tarjamah as an alternative solution is needed.



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