Produk Unggulan Sebagai Daya Saing Daerah Studi Pengembangan UKM Di Kabupaten Brebes | Anis | JIFA (Journal of Islamic Finance and Accounting)

Produk Unggulan Sebagai Daya Saing Daerah Studi Pengembangan UKM Di Kabupaten Brebes

Ashwar Anis(1*), Raden Arief Wibowo(2)
(1) Universitas Peradaban
(2) Universitas Peradaban
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.22515/jifa.v1i2.1442


The purpose of this study is to improve competitiveness in Brebes District. This research uses qualitative research with common keywords. The study was conducted in Brebes District, covering the targeted area of the OVOP program as a manifestation of superior product development, and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Department of Cooperatives and SMEs as the main data centers. Data analysis using descriptive qualitative by using description based on data available on research object. The results showed that excellent products in Brebes District as an effort to improve the competitiveness of regions have not achieved optimal results. From several excellent products available in Brebes District, only two products are included in the main target, that is implementation of salted eggs and seaweed, while other production centers are still in development stage. However, the activities undertaken show considerable prospective improvements, including increased production volumes and new product variations as a result of fostering and developing creativity and entrepreneurial innovation. As a supporting factor, including the Brebes District Government which has a strong commitment to implement the OVOP program on an ongoing basis, which is a superior resource that can be used as a flagship. Sources of funds, human resources and infrastructure needs, especially for groups that can be used as capital to conduct OVOP activities as a whole. Stages of activities have been carried out appropriately and in accordance with their respective rules, although there are indications of overlap in coaching as there are no clear boundaries in defining individual business categories, and industry groups.


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