ABNA : Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education

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ABNA : Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education

ABNA : (Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education), Institut Agama Islam Negeri Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. This journal published twice a year in Juny and December by Islamic Early Childhood Education Department Islamic Education and Teacher Training Faculty of IAIN Surakarta. This Journal invites scientists, academicians, researchers, and professionals in the discipline of Islamic Early Childhood Education to submit their best manuscripts that correspond with the topics bellow. Articles may be written in Indonesian, English, or Arabic.


It contains articles from current research on Islamic Early Childhood Education, including: 

  • Parenting for early childhood education
  • Management institution of early childhood education, 
  • Learning strategy of early childhood education,
  • Educational tool play and instructional media of early childhood education, 
  • Innovation in early childhood education, 

This Journal is published twice a year, in June and December

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dimas putra

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eko setiawan

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atika lindarti, ryan hasanudin

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Muhammad Riduan Harahap

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Nurul Ismaiyah

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Drajat Stiawan, Amilatu Dzakiroh

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