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This article ecxplores about isrâiliyyât in Tafsîr al-Qur'ân al-
Adzim Ibn Kathir. According to the assessment of the scholars
narrations contained in this book belong to the most valid.
Nevertheless, it still raises a dilemma in this book, when the discovery
of some the history that is included in isrâiliyyât. Isrâiliyyât story is
entered in round (without any selection) into a book of commentary,
will be able to damage the face and purity of the interpretation of the
tafsir Koran. This is, because the stories contain superstition and
falsehood that develops in the middle of the Jews and Christians, then
they develop and distribute to the Muslims. In this book, there are at
least three categories isrâiliyyât, namely: first, history isrâiliyyât which
he put but also criticized and commented upon truth, second, story
isrâiliyyât he put but without justified and also blamed, and the third,
the story isrâiliyyât the inclusion in round without comment from


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