MANUSIA DAN KEDUDUKANNYA: Pemikiran Alfred North Whitehead tentang Antropologi

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Whitehead‟s thought is fundamental issues that interest and
influence over the years. This leads to be categorized as a contemporary
philosophy. Whitehead‟s thought about human being and his position
is described as follows: (1) Human being is a part of nature; according
to Whitehead, human body and the surrounding world are closely
related and real. (2) Human being is Dynamic Creatures; according to
Whitehead, the essence of one's existence lies in how active, how
creative, and how innovative he is in using his past for a new
manifestation of his life which gives the intensity of life experiences
more deeply. (3) Human being Lives From and For Others; according
to Whitehead, it refers to a “transition" or macroscopic process.
Building relations with others is not only something that is accidental,
but also something that is essential for every provider.
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Human being, Whitehead, Life experiences


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