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 METODE PENAFSIRAN AL-QURAN: Pengenalan Dasar Penafsiran al-Qur`an | Hasan | Al-A'raf : Jurnal Pemikiran Islam dan Filsafat

METODE PENAFSIRAN AL-QURAN: Pengenalan Dasar Penafsiran al-Qur`an

Moh Abdul Kholiq Hasan(1*)
(1) IAIN Surakarta
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.22515/ajpif.v12i1.1183


As Muslim we have an obligatory to have good enough
understanding about the Holy Qur’an. As one ways for Muslims to get
good enough understanding and practing the essential message of
Qur’an, some of the Islamic scholar published some books of
Qur’anic interpretation (Tafsir). Even actually all of Muslim has
given good enough freedom to utilize their mind to interprete the Holy
Qur’an, but there were some limitations from the mind. Therefore, all
of muslims are reminding to be careful to interpret the Qur’anic
verses, through understanding which part of the verses which is
permitted to be interpreted and which is prohibited.
Key-words: Pemahaman, Interpretasi, dan pengamalan


Pemahaman, Interpretasi, dan pengamalan


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Submited : 25 March 2018
Revised : 7 April 2018
Published : 30 June 2015

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