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Imam Syafi'i was a great muslim scholar who was born in
the second century AH (Anno Hegirae). He was known for his
greatness and his intellectual ability, so that many muslim scholars
follow his thoughts in the field of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh). In
Indonesia, Many muslims follow mazhab of Imam Syafi'i and it is the
the most popular mazhab in the country. As his popularity in the field
of Fiqh, he was also an expert in the field of tafsir and ta'wil. It is
surely that Imam syafi‟i had special attention to the Qur'an, tafsir and
ta'wil. The books written by Shafi'i were also talking about Qur'an,
tafsir and ta'wil. Most of his books talked about the issues on fiqh and
ushul fiqh, because both are the focus of his study. His thoughts about
the Quran, tafsir and ta'wil had flown into pieces. This article tries to
describe some of his thoughts about the Quran, tafsir and ta'wil. It is
very important topic to describe because the contributions of Imam
Syafi'i in the field Quran, tafsir and ta'wil having the great influence
among muslim scholar.


Imam Shafi'i, tafsir, and ta'wil


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