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ISSN: 2775-3190 (Print)
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Journal Education Policy and Elementary Education Issues (JENIUS) is an electronic journal focuses on critical studies of elementary education. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to Investigated the dynamics of learning students at elementary education / Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (Islamic elementary school). Publishing two times a year, ie Issue 1 Issue 2 in Juni and December in Indonesian or English. The focus and scope of JENIUS: Curriculum Development in Elementary Education (MI/SD), Learning Strategies in Elementary Education (MI/SD), Teacher Competence in Elementary Education (MI/SD), Assessment in Elementary Education (MI/SD), Learning (Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civics, English, Indonesian, Islamic Education, Art and Local content) in Elementary Education (MI/SD).



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(Journal Of Education Policy and Elementary Education Issues)

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Vera Kumala Sari, Ari Wibowo

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Niken Rosalina, Ika Candra Sayekti, Rita Eryani

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Angga Dwi Prasetyo

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Dita Purwinda Anggrella, Amining Rahmasiwi, Erlinda Rahma Dewi

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Nikky Anisha Nikky Anisha, Kustiarini Kustiarini, Dita Purwinda Anggrella

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Amirah Al May Azizah, Aly Mashar

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