Desi Anggi Ramadhani -  IAIN Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Azzah Nilawaty* -  IAIN Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

DOI : 10.22515/tranformatif.v2i1.3524

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes in all sectors. Changes that are sudden, swift, and full of uncertainty mean that many system adjustments will suddenly appear. One of them is the education sector. Learning at all levels of education in Indonesia has changed the learning system. Distance learning or online learning is an alternative to the education system. This study aims to identify the obstacles faced by MI students in Dusun Duwet RT.19 / RW.08, Andong Village, Andong District during Distance Learning (PJJ) and to find out the role of the Distance Learning at home mentoring program in understanding children's learning. The approach used is a case study research with a qualitative descriptive method. The sample in this study were 4 grade VI students and 2 grade V students at MI Nurul Himmah Duwet who run Distance Learning (PJJ) assistance. Data collection in this study was carried out by triangulation method in three ways, namely active participation observation, structured interviews, and documentation. The results showed that there were still many obstacles experienced by children during the implementation of  Distance Learning (PJJ) such as students' incomprehension of the material being taught, the number of assignments given by the teacher, wasteful quotas, parents who could not assist and did not understand Distance Learning material. As a solution to the distance learning constraints, the researcher created a Distance Learning mentoring program for students in grades V and VI. This program has a positive impact on students and parents in overcoming Distance Learning obstacles.


Covid-19; Constraints; Distance Learning; Assistance
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Submitted: 2021-04-07
Published: 2021-06-09
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